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You may think reflexology is all about feet; well yes, and no! When I can’t quite put my finger on what I need, then I know it’s time to have a reflexology session with Cath Horner. 

I can arrive feeling scattered but an hour later I feel my health, nervous system and well-being have been restored. Any knots of stress or anxiety have dissolved and my health is clearly back online. 

Cath has a highly attuned intuitive understanding of the body and psyche, and this is not only steeped in her medical background but it is combined with her gentleness and expertise. 

This combination of skills has ensured that every session I’ve had with Cath has restored vitality for me, and has assisted more deep-seated health issues. Not only are her reflexology sessions restorative but they offer a sense of total indulgence and relaxation. 

I can, and do, personally vouch for her work. I’d highly recommend Cath’s reflexology to anyone. 

Dr Jenni Harris

For me, health and well being is everything. At times I need that something extra to bring my wellness back and my awareness of what’s not feeling right. Catherine was able to restore balance, lightness and energy back to my body. Not only that, reflexology is a perfect way to completely relax and that for me can be hard to achieve. I so recommend Catherine to anyone who needs to bring back wellness and completely relax in a beautiful and peaceful environment. 

Leah, Personal Trainer


I’m a psychotherapist that works with trauma, so I know first hand how much we hold in our bodies and in particular our feet. Cath has a beautiful calming presence and a delicate and deeply considered touch. Her approach had me really melt, and my nervous system deeply relax. 

Cath’s therapeutic background and personal experience makes her wise and easy to talk to, I felt like she was holding all of me. This was much more than reflexology it was a deeply held space, safe and gentle, where I felt met as a person with all my complexity.


The reflexology session I had with Dr Horner was relaxing and therapeutic for my whole mind and body. I'm a football player and full-time worker which leads to me being stressed and sore fairly often. Whilst initially I wasn't fully sure what to expect, Dr Horner's calm manner and expertise left me feeling peaceful and holistically better. I will be going back again and highly recommend her.


Cath creates a friendly, welcoming, peaceful and comfortable ambience for her reflexology sessions.

The pressure she applies when massaging my feet is gentle. I have always come away from her sessions feeling very relaxed. Over time (several sessions) I noticed a reduction in sensitive areas of my feet to the point where there are almost none now. I have found Cath's reflexology beneficial both prior to, and post surgery, helping to restore body and mind to good health.


Reflexology with Cath offers me serenity, calmness and healing. I feel deeply held and supported by her peaceful presence and expertise. In every session, I have had with Cath she has met me from a space of peaceful presence and professionalism which is assuring and helps me drop into myself. Cath’s reflexology room also support this process. The soothing colours, the layout of the room and the quiet help me to relax as I lay back in the chair, ready for Cath to weave her mystery on my feet and find the spots that need attention for healing to happen. I always leave a reflexology session feeling lighter, deeply restored and cared for. I highly recommend Cath’s work to everyone.


Thank you so much again for the reflexology session this afternoon! I honestly felt completely at peace after the session with you and it seemed that all my pains and worries had completely dissolved into thin air!


“I find Catherine’s reflexology sessions on the Mornington Peninsula to be my perfect space to rest, recharge and regain balance. Catherine’s peaceful and calm approach and her techniques and massages leave me feeling centred, reassured and deeply relaxed. Thank you, Catherine!"


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