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I have been interested in health and well being for 30 years. I love to support people to feel seen, heard and through reflexology, invited to relax deeply in the body to maximize energy for life.


I offer a beautiful, peaceful space for clients to receive reflexology sessions from my home on the Mornington Peninsula. I offer a gentle presence and enjoy listening to clients and working with them to find out the best way of supporting their health and well-being.

As human beings, we are a complex mix of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. 


The Physical


I originally trained and practiced as a doctor of medicine in the UK, which offered me a broad background in health and disease. Although no longer practicing medicine, I enjoy drawing on my knowledge base to support client’s physical health. I am also interested in healthy nutrition, based on eating balanced, seasonal wholefood. 


The Mental/Emotional


After moving to Melbourne with my lovely partner and three boys, I became interested in the mental/ emotional aspect of health and well being. This led me to explore trans personal art therapy, expressive therapies, sand play and play therapy. I enjoy supporting adults and children to explore thoughts and feelings through creative means in my private practice.

The Spiritual


I have been interested in yoga for 20yrs and more recently meditation and enjoy listening and learning from spiritual teachers. Allowing time to drop into a quiet space inside myself is becoming increasingly important to me and helps me learn how to be more present with clients and myself.​

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I have always enjoyed reflexology to support my own well being and decided to study it myself. I love that it works on the whole body through the feet, and that it offers relaxation while supporting vitality and balance in the body.

I am a professional member of The Association of Reflexologists, the AoR in the UK, where I trained.

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